Pool Mate Black

Pool Mate Black

De Pool-Mate is de enige volledig automatische baan- en slagteller voor zwemmers.

  • De Pool-Mate verwerkt alle belangrijke slagen, alle mogelijkheden van de zwemmer en alle maten van het zwembad.
  • Dankzij nauwkeurige bewegingssensoren en onze unieke software-algoritmen herkent de Pool-Mate automatisch elke zwemslag en verandering van ronde, zodat je niet meer zelf hoeft te rekenen.
  • De Pool-Mate geeft aantal banen, tijd, gemiddelde slagen per ronde, snelheid, afstand, calorieën en efficiëntie,
  • Dit gebeurt allemaal volledig automatisch.  Deze gegevens worden opgeslaan in een ruim geheugen om eenvoudig deze gegevens terug te kunnen oproepen.
  • Naast de statistieken voor de algemene sessie kunnen dezelfde gegevens geregistreerd worden voor maximaal 99 afzonderlijke sets per sessie, zodat u kunt zien hoe uw gegevens wijzigingen tijdens het zwemmen.
  • Een grote sprong voorwaarts tov de bestaande manuele baantellers,

PoolMate2 Black

De Swimovate Pool Mate 2 registreert afstand en snelheden in zwembaden en in open water.

De Pool Mate 2 beschikt ook over een batterij met langere levensduur en een heldere, grote display.

With a 2 year battery life, a crystal glass face, large clear display and chrono mode for other activities it’s a great watch, at a great price.

  • Works with all major strokes straight out of the box
  • Stores over 50 sessions for recall, records individual sets and total session data
  • Swim pedometer mode for open water swimming (calibration recommended prior to use)
  • Pools over 18m (yards too), Chrono mode for timing other sports
  • Water resistant to 50m, 24 hour clock and alarm

    In the pool

    • laps
    • strokes
    • distance
    • speed
    • efficiency
    • duration
    • sets
    • rest time
    • calories

    In open water

    A simple calibration lap is all that’s required to set up the special open water mode, which uses the in- built accelerometer to work out the swim metrics. Using this method rather than GPS, which takes a lot of power and has difficulties operating in water, means the PoolMate2 has a battery life of over 2 years!

    How do we do it?

    The open water mode is a swim pedometer. Swim a lap of a known distance first and follow the calibration instructions then the watch will use this information for subsequent open water swims. Recalibrate regularly for best results.

    • strokes
    • distance
    • speed
    • efficiency
    • duration
    • sets
    • rest time
    • calories

    Out of the water

    • 99 set chrono mode for timing

    How does it work?

    The PoolMate contains MEMS accelerometers (first used by NASA) to capture the motion of your arms. Our software times your swim and calculates lap count, average strokes, speed, calories and efficiency levels so you can work on improving your technique.


    We have been selling our PoolMate watches for over 5 years all over the world. Before we launched the PoolMate had been extensively tested by a wide variety of swimmers over a 2 year period. We have a database of hundreds of kms of swimming and an accuracy rate of over 99.75%. There are tens of thousands of PoolMates being worn everyday and helping swimmers all over the world. The watch has full CE and FCC approvals. Patents and trademarks granted.

    As long as you have a regular stroke and take more than 7 strokes per lap (on the arm the watch is worn on) you should have accurate results.

    Want to upload your data to your computer?  You will need the PoolMatePro, PoolMateLive or PoolMateHR

  • Pool Mate Pro

    The Pool-Mate Pro is the latest addition to the award winning Swimovate range of computers. As well as automatically counting your laps and strokes and calculating your speed, distance, calories and efficiency and displaying on the watch, the Pro will download all this data effortlessly to your PC so you can analyse your progress!

    The watch contains motion sensors to automatically monitor the motion of your arm when swimming so you don’t have to worry about counting laps yourself and can concentrate on your technique or just relax and swim. The Pro package includes a download pod that plugs into your USB port and cable. The watch will simply and automatically transfer the data via Infrared link to the pod and your PC.

    In addition to the statistics for the overall session it will record the same data for each individual set so you can see how all these metrics change through a swim session. You can even time your rest periods between sets. All data is stored in a large memory in the watch for review during or after a swim session (over 100 LOGS can be stored before download).

    The included software is simple and intuitive to use and has multiple language support.

    Main screen

    Key software features

    • Download data from the Pool-Mate watch or add swims manually.
    • Grade your swim- Great, good, ok or bad!
    • Add notes or edit data
    • Select any session and examine in detail including individual sets within the swim
    • Graphical analysis of your stroke count, times, speed etc  see how they have changed over time.
    • See how far you have swum this week or year.
    • Multiple swimmer support
    • See how many cup cakes you have burnt off in your swim!
    • View your fastest times, best stroke count etc. at a glance.
    • Multiple language support
    • Save as .csv file

    DetailsThe watch is Water Resistant to 50 metres, works with all the major strokes, any length of pool over 18 metres whether yards or metres and doesn’t require any calibration.

    PodPod docking 

    Pod                                                   Transferring data

    As well as full digital watch functions including 12 or 24 hour format, alarm and backlight. It also has a useful Chrono mode so you can time your running, cycling, openwater swims or triathlons. 

    Only available in black.    

                                          220 award

    NOTE: The first version of the Pool-Mate Pro is NOT MAC compatible yet, sorry- please email to be notified when this is released

    Pool Mate HRM

    Adviesprijs € 199.95

    • Introductie Prijs : € 179,95
    • U betaalt geen verzend- of administratiekosten!


    We are proud to launch the PoolMateHR, the only heart rate monitor with lap and stroke counting combined. ThePoolMateHR is the ultimate swimmers’ training tool.

    Heart rate in and out of the water- Most heart rate monitors do not work under water. The PoolMateHR has been specially designed for swimmers so it will transmit from the chest belt to the watch when in the pool. View your heart rate on the watch during your swim and download afterwards for further analysis. You can also use it as a heart rate monitor out of the pool for other activities.


    Automatic lap and stroke counting for each lap- ThePoolMateHR has all our swim monitoring functions including laps, strokes, speed, distance, calories, stroke length, strokes per minute and efficiency which are automatically calculated from your arm movements. In addition to the set by set information shown by the PoolMate and PoolMatePro, the PoolMateHR downloads data for each individual lap you swim.


    Vibrating alarm- Our unique vibrating alarm alerts you when you have swam a certain number of laps, distance or time interval- a really great innovation to keep track in the pool.


    Tough but stylish- The PoolMateHR has a sleek but tough design with sapphire crystal glass and a ceramic bezel so it stands up to the hardest swim session and is suitable for everyday wear too.


    Downloadable and rechargeable- The PoolMateHR comes with it’s own USB pod which charges the watch and downloads the data to your computer. The battery should last a few weeks with normal use so wont need charging too often.


    The ultimate swimmers training tool.


    More info at www.swimovate.com/poolmatehr/