Garmin Swimwatch

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Sleek Swim Watch Tracks Your Laps and More

  • Records distance, pace, stroke count, stroke type
  • Wireless upload to Garmin Connect for online analysis, storage and sharing
  • Gauges swimming efficiency (swolf)
  • Offers advanced features for timed sets and logging drills
  • Water resistant to 50 meters

Stop counting laps. Let Garmin do the maths with Garmin Swim. It's the swimming watch designed for pool¹ use that tracks your distance, pace, stroke count and more.

Strap It On and Dive In

Garmin Swim is ready to go right out of the box – just tell it the size of the pool you're swimming in and begin your workout. Its sleek profile allows it to cut right through the water, so it won't slow you down. And you can easily replace the battery yourself whenever needed (about once a year) so you're always ready to go.

Focus On Your Training

With Garmin Swim on your wrist, you can focus on your technique instead of what lap you're on. It automatically knows the stroke you're using and tracks your lengths, strokes, distance, pace and more. With a few button presses, you can also log drills or start timed sets without constantly monitoring the pool clock. It even calculates your SWOLF score to help you gauge your swimming efficiency, making it ideal for lap swimmers of all levels. The intuitive interface utilizes 6 exterior buttons, so each and every function can be accessed quickly and easily.

Stay Motivated

Slim and attractive enough to be worn as a daily watch, Garmin Swim serves as a personal reminder of your goals. To help you stay motivated, it displays your weekly accumulated distance under the time of day. Watch features include dual time zones and alarm.

Analyze and Share Workouts

Garmin Connect

After your workout, upload your swim data to Garmin Connect, our website for free online analysis. Here, you can view your detailed metrics and track your progress over time. You can also share your workout data with your coaches, workout buddies, or friends and family. Through the magic of ANT+™ wireless technology and the USB stick that comes with your Garmin Swim, your workout data automatically transfers to your computer when in range. Garmin Connect is Mac® and Windows® compatible.

¹Designed for lap pools of 17 m or more.

What's in the box:

Garmin Swim

  • Garmin Swim
  • USB ANT Stick™
  • Quickstart Guide
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Garmin HRM-Tri

Promo - 7,5 %

Hartslaggegevens in alle drie de disciplines

  • Speciaal ontwikkeld voor triatleten
  • Onze kleinste en lichtste hartslagmeter (HRM)
  • Comfortabele, gemakkelijk instelbare band
  • Slaat hartslaggegevens op en stuurt deze door naar Forerunner® 920XT1

Verbeter uw triatlonervaring door HRM-Tri te koppelen met uw Forerunner® 920XT1. De HRM-Tri slaat hartslaggegevens op wanneer u onder water bent en stuurt die vervolgens door naar de 920XT. Onze kleinste en lichtste module past binnen de breedte van de band. De zachte afgeronde hoeken en afgedekte naden maken de band bijzonder comfortabel, ook buiten het water.


HRM-Tri beschikt over een versnellingsmeter in de module die de beweging van uw romp meet voor het berekenen van 3 hardloopgegevens2:

  1. Cadans - het aantal stappen per minuut. Geeft het totale aantal stappen weer (linker- en rechtervoet samen).
  2. Verticale oscillatie - de op-en-neerbeweging tijdens het hardlopen. Geeft de verticale beweging van uw bovenlichaam weer (gemeten in centimeters). HRM-Tri is compatibel met diverse andere fitnessproducten, maar geeft alleen de hartslag weer wanneer het toestel is gekoppeld.
  3. Grondcontacttijd - de hoeveelheid tijd voor iedere stap tijdens het hardlopen waarbij er contact is met de grond (gemeten in milliseconden).

Voorbeelden van typisch gebruik



Fietsritten, hardloopsessies, brick-training

Zwemsessies in zwembad

Zwemsessie in open water

Zwemsessie in open water

Triatlonwedstrijd (in open water)

Triatlonwedstrijd (in zwembad), triatlonset niet vereist

Triatlonwedstrijd (in zwembad) met gebruik van triatlonset

Hardloopsessies of fietsritten als onderdeel van een multisport-activiteit inclusief een zwemsessie in het zwembad

¹Forerunner 920XT, epix™, fēnix® 3
²Functies voor hardloopdynamica zijn alleen beschikbaar op de Forerunner 620/920XT en fēnix 2/3. HRM-Tri is compatibel met diverse andere fitnessproducten, maar geeft alleen de hartslag weer wanneer het toestel is gekoppeld.

In de doos

  • HRM-Tri
  • Handleidingen
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Garmin HRM-Swim

Promo - 25 %

Stores Heart Rate Underwater and Forwards Data

  • Specifically designed for swimmers
  • Non-slip strap
  • Stores and forwards heart rate data to compatible devices¹

Take your training to the next level by pairing HRM-Swim with your Forerunner® 920XT. Specifically designed for use in the pool, the sleek, non-slip strap stays in place, even during wall push-offs. Once you're out of the water, including when the torso is lifted out of the water mid-session, real-time heart rate, interval summaries and stored heart rate are transmitted to the 920XT.

Example of Typical Uses



Bike rides, runs, bricks

Pool swims

Open water swims

Open water swims

Triathlon competition (open water swim)

Triathlon competition (pool swim), triathlon kit not required

Triathlon competition (with pool swim) while wearing triathlon kit

Runs or bike rides as part of a multi-sport activity that includes a pool swim

¹Forerunner 920XT, epix™, fēnix® 3

In the box:

  • HRM-Swim
  • Manuals