Edge Explore


Edge Explore

Touchscreen touring bike computer with connected features

  • Easy-to-use GPS bike computer with high resolution, 3" glove- and rain-friendly touchscreen that's visible even in direct sunlight
  • Includes preloaded Garmin Cycle Map with turn-by-turn navigation and Trendline popularity routing to find the on- and off-road routes most-travelled by cyclists
  • Built-in GPS tracks how far, how fast, how high and where you ride
  • Compatible with Varia cycling awareness devices, including smart bike lights and rearview radar to detect cars and alert drivers
  • When paired with your compatible smartphone, you gain connected features, including LiveTrack and GroupTrack, smart notifications, rider-to-rider messaging and built-in incident detection
  • Battery life: up to 12 hours

Discover new routes and stay connected wherever you ride with Edge Explore. This easy-to-use GPS cycling computer features a preloaded Garmin Cycle Map that shows you the routes cyclists like to ride. A variety of connected features lets you stay in touch with other riders as well as the folks back home. With Edge Explore, you have the perfect partner for touring and adventure.

Ready for the road ahead

There's no time wasted with Edge Explore. This bike computer is simple to set up and ready to ride as soon as it comes out of the box. When you can see the directions you need at a glance, you don't have to miss the amazing views. That's why we designed Edge Explore with a 3" display that's bright and easy to see — whether you're riding in direct sunlight, on a cloudy day or even in the rain. The touchscreen is snappy and responsive, even when you're wearing gloves.

At a Glance

Ride towards adventure

With Edge Explore, you can get lost in the adventure without actually losing your way. It comes preloaded with the Garmin Cycle Map, which directs you to just about anything — from scenic countryside routes to eateries and bike shops. The routes are generated with Trendline popularity routing, pulling from billions of miles of cycling data. It makes it easy to ride like a local along the routes and trails that actual cyclists prefer. Along the way, Edge Explore provides turn-by-turn directions and, of course, it's smart enough to guide you back to the route — or back to your starting point — if you deviate from it or decide to head home early.

Enhanced cycling awareness

Edge Explore is compatible with our Varia line of cycling awareness devices, including rearview radar and smart bike lights. By pairing the radar with your Edge, you can get alerts right on your Edge display to cars approaching from behind, helping you see and be seen by the traffic around you. Edge Explore has an assistance feature and built-in incident detection1, which automatically sends your location to an emergency contact if you run into difficulty.

Ride connected

Keep your phone packed away and just enjoy the ride because Edge Explore has all the smart connections you need. Use LiveTrack to let your friends and family follow your real-time location, or use GroupTrack to keep tabs on up to 50 of your riding buddies. If your fellow riders pull ahead or fall behind, rider-to-rider messaging (with a compatible smartphone) lets you send prewritten notes from your Edge bike computer to theirs. Let your friends know if you'll catch up in a few minutes or if they should go on without you. If you have a flat tyre or need assistance, you can send a message to your fellow riders who are paired with GroupTrack, so they can find you.

Customise your device

It's easy to customise your Edge Explore bike computer with the free apps, widgets and data fields you want from our Connect IQ store. Apps such as AccuWeather MinuteCast let you know when the rain will stop so you can find time for a ride. And, if you plan your rides on sites such as Strava, Komoot or Wikiloc, download those apps so you can have your favourite routes imported directly to your Edge for you to follow. Or if you're looking for a nearby café or bike shop, use the Yelp app to download their locations and route directly to them on your Edge device.

1 When paired with a compatible smartphone. Primarily designed for road cycling.

  • Smart Notifications: yes
  • Navigation via device, apps, popularity routing and recalculation: yes
  • Round-trip course: yes
  • Course creator: yes
  • Connected capability: Activity upload, LiveTrack, GroupTrack, Rider-to-Rider Messaging, Incident Detection, Assistance
  • Third-Party App access: yes (via Connect IQ)
  • Varia Cycling Awareness accessory compatible: yes

Garmin Edge Explore 1000 "Promo off the week"


Public price : € 499

  • Inclisive Out-front mount
  • Inclusive Edge remote with mounts
  • Inclusive Silicone case 

GPS Bike Computer for Touring and Adventure

  • On-road or off-road navigation with preloaded Garmin Cycle Map
  • Input distance and other parameters and choose from up to three round-trip ride options
  • Plan new routes to follow, on device or through apps
  • Incident detection¹ offers automatic or manual alerts to emergency contacts
  • Connected features¹: instant uploads, incoming call and text alerts, live tracking, weather

Edge Explore Lake District

When adventure calls, answer it on two wheels with Edge Explore 1000. Ideal for touring and adventure, this navigator has a preloaded Garmin Cycle Map with routable road and bike paths, elevation data, points of interest and address search.

Ride Off the Beaten Track

Round-trip routing can help guide your ride if you want to discover new routes in your hometown or when you’re far away from home and want to explore. Simply enter how far you want to ride and your starting direction and Edge calculates up to three cycling-friendly routes.

Route Planning Made Simple

Create routes directly on Edge Explore 1000 using the preloaded map and points of interest. Or plan and download routes using Garmin Connect™ (desktop or mobile) or third-party apps.

Safer Cycling Environment

Edge Explore 1000 is the first GPS cycling computer to offer incident detection¹ capabilities via an integrated accelerometer. In the event of an accident, this feature can manually or automatically send your location to your emergency contacts. It’s also compatible with the Edge remote accessory, allowing you to cycle through screens while keeping your hands on the handlebar. Another way to help create a safer cycling environment is by adding Varia™ rearview radar and bike lights, which are compatible with Edge Explore 1000.

Smartphone Connectivity

When you’re exploring the world on two wheels, keep your phone tucked away from the elements and enjoy connected features like weather alerts and smart notifications displayed on your Edge. When paired with your compatible smartphone and the Garmin Connect Mobile app, Edge offers live tracking, incoming call and text alerts, social media sharing, weather, wireless uploads and sending/receiving courses. LiveTrack allows your friends and family to follow your rides in real time, from anywhere in the world.

Wherever You Ride

Edge Explore 1000 is compatible with GPS and GLONASS satellites, so you benefit from more signal options, wherever your ride takes you.

¹When paired with a compatible smartphone.


In the box

  • Edge Explore 1000
  • Out-front mount
  • Stem mount
  • Edge remote with mounts
  • Silicone case
  • microUSB cable
  • Manuals

Garmin Edge Explore 820


GPS-fietscomputer voor toeren en avontuur

  • Licht en compact, met ingebouwde GPS- en GLONASS-ontvangst en hoogtemeter voor nauwkeurige positiebepaling, ook in beboste gebieden
  • GroupTrack1 houdt u op de hoogte van de locatie van alle fietsers in uw groep
  • Fietsspecifieke navigatie met vooraf geladen Garmin fietskaart voor afslag-voor-afslag navigatie
  • Optionele batterijbesparingsmodus voor langere tochten of weekendtrips; tot 50 procent langere batterijduur
  • Betere waarschuwingsfuncties, zoals ingebouwde ongevaldetectie2 en GroupTrack, en compatibiliteit met de Varia™ accessoires voor veilig fietsen, zoals achteruitkijkradar en slimme fietsverlichting
At a Glance

Als u er met de fiets op uittrekt, langs wegen of paden, weet u met de Edge Explore 820 altijd waar u bent. Deze GPS-fietscomputer is voorzien van een ingebouwde Garmin fietskaart met nuttige punten, fietsvriendelijke routes en meer. Het touchscreen met hoge resolutie is ook in zonlicht gemakkelijk af te lezen en onze nieuwe GroupTrack-functie zorgt dat u en uw vrienden elkaar niet uit het oog verliezen, ook niet waar de weg zich splitst. U kunt nu met vertrouwen navigeren.

GroupTrack houdt alle groepsleden in het vizier

Er samen met vrienden op uittrekken is deel van de pret. Nu kan iedereen in zijn eigen tempo fietsen zonder bang te hoeven zijn het contact met de rest van de groep te verliezen. Edge Explore 820 is voorzien van groepsvolgfuncties, dus als een van uw vrienden uit zicht raakt, verdwijnt hij of zij niet van de kaart. U kunt in uw eigen tempo doorgaan en later weer aansluiting vinden met de anderen. Het is net zo eenvoudig als uw toestel koppelen via de Garmin Connect™ Mobile app en op uw scherm real-time updates bijhouden.

Het ultieme touchscreen

De Edge Explore 820 zit boordevol handige navigatiefuncties en slimmigheden, maar vooral het touchscreen met hoge resolutie zal u bevallen. Het capacitieve touchscreen is snel en gemakkelijk te bedienen, ook als het nat is of als u handschoenen aan hebt.

Compatibel met onze Varia producten voor nog veiliger fietsen

De Edge Explore 820 is voorzien van ongevaldetectie2 via de geïntegreerde versnellingsmeter. Als zich een ongeval voordoet, wordt uw kaartlocatie doorgegeven aan een in noodgevallen te waarschuwen contact. Om ongevallen te voorkomen is de Edge Explore 820 ook compatibel met onze uitgebreide serie Varia producten voor veiliger fietsen, inclusief Varia achteruitkijkradar en slimme fietsverlichting. Als de Edge Explore 820 is gekoppeld met deze fietsverlichting of de radar die achteropkomend verkeer detecteert, hebt u niet alleen zelf goed zicht, maar blijft u ook goed zichtbaar voor andere weggebruikers.

Aanpassen en koppelen

Het is uw toestel, dus u kunt het naar wens personaliseren met de gratis aanpasbare gegevensvelden en apps die u kunt downloaden. Bekijk ons aanbod in de Connect IQ™ store en maak uw keuze om uw Edge Explore 820 helemaal naar wens in te richten. En vergeet niet dat wanneer u er met de fiets op uittrekt, de Edge Explore 820 ook zorgt dat u contact houdt3 met de rest van de wereld, via smartphone meldingen, live volgen, delen via social media en automatische uploads naar Garmin Connect™, onze gratis online fitnesscommunity.

Waar u ook gaat

Of u nu in afgelegen bossen fietst of langs hoge gebouwen, dankzij de GPS- en GLONASS-satellietontvangst kan de Edge Explore 820 uw positie snel en nauwkeurig bepalen, waar u zich ook bevind


In de doos

  • Edge Explore 820
  • Steunen (standaard en verlengde voorsteun)
  • USB-kabel
  • Bevestigingskabeltje
  • Handleidingen