BibBits - Magnetic Startnumber Mounting

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BibBits FAQ:

How do BibBits work?
BibBits consist of a front and a back part, each containing a very strong magnet. Put your shirt and race number in between the BibBits and you’re ready for the start.

Are BibBits strong enough?

BibBits have small, but very strong magnets that will hold your race number perfectly in place. Even during long lasting tests with very strong winds, the race numbers didn’t move.

What kind of magnets are being used?

We use so called nickel-plated neodymium magnets. These have a strength of 1,1 kg per magnet and have off course a North and South pole.

What are the BibBits specifications?

BibBits consist of two parts. The front part is rectangle shaped, dimensions are 2x1 cm  and it weighs only 3 grams. The back part is round shaped (for extra comfort), 1,5 cm wide and weighs just 2 grams. A complete set of 4 BibBits weighs around 20 grams.

Do BibBits irritate?

The back part of the BibBits is specially designed to avoid grating and irritation. When used properly, the chances of grating are very low.

Can I use BibBits safely?

BibBits have no sharp edges or parts sticking out so there is no danger. BibBits do however contain small, but strong, magnets that theoretically can influence the working of pacemakers and other electronic devices. This is why each set of BibBits contains a warning on the packaging. Read these warnings well before using the BibBits. When you use a pacemaker or other medical device, we advise to take no risks and not to use or buy the BibBits.  

What about my timing chip?

Tests have not shown any negative influence on the working of timing tags, as long as you don’t put the BibBits directly on the actual chip (the very tiny spot in the middle of the antenna). In normal situations, this will never occur as BibBits are only used on the outer corners. Tests have been done with individual tags. The effect on large crowd events is unknown. Theoretically, magnetic fields could be disturbed but it is not likely to happen.

What about my heart rate monitor?

Tests have not shown that BibBits have an influence on the working of a heart rate monitor as long as the magnets are not directly placed on the sensor. Normal use of BibBits will therefore be no problem, but we advise to test it for yourself before you start running.

Can I get BibBits in my own color, print or packaging?

Yes you can. For higher volumes, we offer the possibility to have BibBits in your own printing, packaging or color. This can be interesting for events, shops and sponsors who would like to have an original product or premium. If you want to know more about the possibilities, please don’t hesitate to get in contact with us.

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