Body Glide Anti Blaren en Schuurplekken Stick

Prevent Triathlete Wetsuit Rash

Body Glide® is widely used by triathletes to swim, bike and run better. We are proud of our relationship with USA Triathlon®, the largest multi-sport organization in the world. We’ve been together since 2001 and Body Glide® balms are the official sport lubricants. We salute the USAT team for all they do to educate and grow the sport.


In the swim, Body Glide® balms guard against wetsuit neck chafing, and make it easier and faster to get wetsuits on and off during the transition. Our balms don’t ruin wetsuits, won’t void warranties, and have been recommended by wetsuit makers, going on 20 years.


You’re covered against saddle sores on the bike when you apply our balms before the swim. They are resistant to water, so they’ll be where you need protection against rubbing from the bike saddle. And it’s one less thing to think about in the transition.


Save time transitioning to run by pre-coating socks or shoes. Some triathletes turn socks inside-out to apply our balm. Elsewhere, in mere seconds you can swipe-on Body Glide® balm and be protected to the finish.

Bodyglide 42 gr Anti Blaren en Schuurplekken Stick

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