SIS of Sciense In Sport Sportvoeding

Het merk SIS sportvoeding is sinds enige tijd verkrijgbaar in de Nederlandse markt. Favoriete SIS producten zijn met name de SIS GO Gels en de SIS Go Bars. Nadat EAS jaren official supplier is geweest van de Rabobank Wielerploeg, is momenteel de eer aan SIS sportvoeding als official supplier. De SIS go gels zijn recentelijk veranderd: enkel een nieuwe huisstijl qua verpakking. De receptuur is niet veranderd. 

* Staat uw favoriete SIS product er niet bij: laat het ons weten!

Science In Sport

SIS Energygel Go Isotonic 7-pack Sachets Smakenmix 60ml

Promo - 15 %

De SiS Go Isotonic Energygel 7-pack is een Variety Pack van vijf verschillende smaken energiegels. De SiS gels zijn kant-en-klaar voor gebruik zonder dat er water voor nodig is nodig is. De unieke gelformule zorgt voor een betere vochtopname en meer energie tijdens de inspanningen. 1 sachet geeft je voldoende energie voor een intensieve inspanning van ca. 30 minuten.

Stukprijs € 1,99

Deze SiS Varietypack bevat:

  • 2x SiS Go Isotonic Gel Lemon & Lime 60ml 
  • 2x SiS Go Isotonic Gel Orange 60ml
  • 1x SiS Go Isotonic Gel Blackcurrant 60ml 
  • 1x SiS Go Isotonic Gel Tropical 60ml
  • 1x SiS Go Isotonic Gel Apple 60ml 
Science In Sport

SIS Energy Bar Go Energy 5x40g Variety

Promo - 15 %

Picture this - a deliciously moist & chewy, fruit and cereal bar that gives you energy fast and is small enough to slip into a jersey pocket for a mid-race boost. Sounds great - and it is! That's because the SiS GO Energy Bar combines a scientific approach to energy bar composition with real fruits and wholesome ingredients guaranteed to satisfy even the most demanding energy needs. Try one today and you'll be convinced that the SiS GO Energy Bar is not only moist, delicious and easy to digest but it's also perfectly suited to your before, or during, exercise routine. Proven by thousands of athletes in the world's toughest races to be immensely beneficial in extending physical endurance levels, the SiS GO Energy Bar can even serve as an energy loading snack between meals. Containing a selection of five delicious, energy packed bars this attractively-priced Variety Pack is the best way known to find out just what a difference the SiS GO Energy Bar can make to your long-term performance results.

SiS GO Energy Bar Variety Pack Contents:

  • 2 x Apple & Blackcurrant 40g
  • 2 x Chocolate Fudge 40g
  • 1 x Red Berry 40g
  • Delicious & nutritious snack that gives you energy fast
  • Fruit-flavoured chewy fruit and cereal bar
  • Made with real fruits and wholesome ingredients
  • Convenient size for in-racing fuelling
  • Easy to digest
  • Perfect before or during exercise
  • Helps you train longer and harder
  • Works well as an energy loading snack between meals
  • 27 grams of carbohydrate per bar
  • Suitable For Vegetarians
  • Contains Soy & Gluten
  • Produced in an Informed Sport accredited facility
  • Informed Sport Registered: Raw material testings, site certification, and blind testing protocol
  • Suggested Use: Exercise & Training Sessions | Triathlon | Marathon events
  • Dimensions: 10 x 5 x 2cm (each bar)