What is the StrokeStar ?


In technical terms, the StrokeStar is a stroke coordinator that helps train and warm up competitors. Fastened on the hands, this device enables the swimmer to perform a more efficient stroke. Unlike poolside and traditional palm fin training, the StrokeStrar safely intensifies the strength and stamina of the muscles, resulting in significantly faster swimmers.

The StrokeStar does exactly what you need:


Here is why…

  • easy to use, including at warm-ups for both workouts and competitions
  • no negative side-effects
  • improves the swimmer’s reaction to water resistance
  • helps strengthen muscle groups used only during swimming
  • can be used for any age group from beginner to international-level swimmers
  • enhances exercises during dryland training as well
  • makes swimming „more colourful”
  • helps swimmers find the right technique for them
  • and last but not least, after removing it, the swimmer has the sensation of wearing a    large invisible paddle.


A revolutionary new way to swim faster than ever before!


  • Have you ever wondered why Hungary is so successful in swimming? Here is the reason, besides hard training, and it is available now!
  • According to Sandor Szeles, head coach of the Hungarian Future Club, based on time results, technical qualification, international competition experience and world rankings, there is no other swim aid that can produce/provide similar results in the 12-15 year category! 
  •  Competitors say that after using the StrokeStar in training and then swimming without it, they feel like they are using large traditional paddles during actual competitions. It also makes practices more interesting.
  • StrokeStar was being used for 30-70% of their training.
  • Daniel Gyurta (born in 1989) swam 2:16:63 in the 200-meter breaststroke in 2002 at the age of 13! Two years later he won silver medal in the 200-meter breaststroke in 2:10:75 at the 2004 Olympics in Athens





  • The 15-year old Hungarian swimming sensation, Daniel Gyurta, Silver Medallist in the 200 meter breaststroke race at the 2004 Olympics in Athens, says:
  • „ This is my Olympic medal and that is the StrokeStar. I am using it in 50 percent in my practices, as it had a great part in winning the medal for me at the Olympics.
  • It helps my stroke coordination, strengthens my muscles, and gives me more endurance. It may help you, too. I recommend it to every swimmer.”


The fastest Triathlon swimmer of the world

  •  Benjamin Sanson „The Fish”
  •  „StrokeStar helps me to synchronize my arms with my hands and it makes me realize how big my hands are. It should always be in your swim bag.
  • With StrokeStar you will not fight the water anymore..”