Polar Stuurhouder


Polar Outfront Bike Mount V650/M450

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Polar Bike Mount Adjustable Front fit firmly around the handlebars without leaving any marks on it. 

  • Put you and your data ahead of the pack with this new out-front bike mount.
  • This mount allows you to take full advantage of all of the data without compromising the ride.
  • Is out in front of you for easier, heads-up positioning and increased safety.

Polar Universal Bikemont

Your Polar wrist unit is so versatile that you can either wear it on your wrist, or using the Universal Bike Mount, attach it to your bike’s handlebar to easily view your training data whilst riding.

Polar adjustable Bike Computer Mount M450 / V650

Public price : € 14,9

Polar adjustable bike computer mounts fit firmly around the handlebars or stem of basically any bike, without leaving any marks on it. With the quick-release locking mechanism, you can easily steer your bike with one hand and rotate your bike computer in any direction you'd like with the other.
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Polar CS stuurhouder

Geschikt voor de Polar CS fietscomputers. Zorgt dat de computer stevig op het stuur van de fiets bevestigd is. Met een eenvoudige draaibeweging neemt u de fiestcomputer van het stuur.

  • CS100
  • CS100b
  • CS200
  • CS200cad
  • CS400
  • CS400cad
  • CS600
  • CS600cad

Niet geschikt voor de Polar CS300

Wordt geleverd inclusief installatie materiaal!