Paarden (Equine)



Polar Equine Electrodes for Wearlink Transmitter

Polar Equine Elektrode set zonder transmitter

This evolution version of the Equine WearLink® transmitter has been fully developed in textile and does not cause any discomfort to the horse. It features textile electrodes made from conductive elastic fibers which adapt perfectly to the movements of a galloping horse.

The textile electrodes include an absorbent cushion to ensure a firm contact with the skin and assure the necessary dampness for relaying the heart rate signal.

Putting the transmitter into place is extremely simple: the + electrode is first placed under the saddlecloth, the – electrode is then fixed to the saddle girth and finally the transmitter is fixed to the saddle.

Included in the set, there are three neoprene attachment straps for quick fastening to the saddle.

The Polar Equine electrodes for WearLink® transmitter are compatible with all Polar WearLink® connectors.

This product does NOT include a connector. If you do not own a WearLink® connector, please consider to purchase Polar Equine T54H coded transmitter or T56H transmitter W.I.N.D