Compex Mi Sensor Cable 6P

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The Compex Mi Sensor Cable Allows You To Take Advantage Of The Muscle Intelligence (Known As Mi) Technology In Compatible Compex Products

Mi is a unique technology that takes account of the specific features of each of your muscles offering a level of stimulation tailored to their characteristics.

It's simple, since the data is transmitted to the stimulator automatically! It is comfortable and effective because the stimulation settings are tailored to your physical characteristics.

Your training is automatically personalised and so perfectly adapted to your physiology.

mi-SENSOR cable

The mi-SENSOR cable is a small sensor that connects the stimulator to the electrodes. It is the key to measuring the essential physiological characteristics of the muscle.


Just before starting a work session using the mi-SCAN function, the mi-SENSOR senses the selected muscle group and automatically adjusts the stimulator's settings to the excitability of this area of the body, depending on your own physiology.


With the mi-TENS function, the mi-SENSOR makes it easy to adjust the stimulation energy levels to be used for pain relief programmes. The adjustment takes place instantly and automatically, simplifying the procedure for the user and guaranteeing optimal results.


With the mi-RANGE function, the mi-SENSOR indicates the optimum stimulation energy adjustment range (minimum and maximum) for lower frequency programmes such as recovery or massage.

Simple to use

The data is transmitted to the stimulator automatically. "Easy Snap" connection system makes it easy to connect the sensor to the electrode with one hand by just pressing it on (even for your back!).

The Compex Mi Sensor is compatible with all Mi Ready Compex products including:
  • Compex Mi Sport
  • Compex Mi Fitness
  • Compex Energy
  • Compex Performance
  • Compex Runner