Cefar Easy

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Onderdruk Uw rugpijn thuis


  • Treat back pain simply and rapidly using the Cefar Easy lubar belt. The belt ensures comfort and optimal electrode placement every time. The Cefar Easy stimulator is stored in the belt pouch.
  • Cefar Easy has two analgesic stimulation modes: TENS Gate control and low-frequency relaxing massage stimulation.
  • 2 year warranty
  • Neck Strap: The stimulator comes with a detachable neck strap and belt clip making it easy to use at home

All Cefar Products will be delivered with a clip.

Additional Information

Brand Cefar
Amount of channels 1
Programs 2 preset, programmable for the back, neck
Constant power Resistance of 1000 ohms per channel
Intensity level Mininum of 0,5 mA
Maximal pulse / impulse duration 300 µseconds
Maximum amplitude 60 mA
Frequency 80 Hz
Power source 2 x 1,5 V AA
Dimensions 52 x 30 x 125 mm
Weight 130g, battery inclusive
Electrical safety class Class II, Type B
Safety tests IEC 60601-1, IEC 60601-1-2
Current types Symmetric Biphasic - 100% compensated
Standard accessories Batteries, Alk 1,5V AA (2 pieces), Cefar bag (black), 2 channels, Cefar easy user guide (FR-DE-ES-EN-IT-SE-NL-PT), Cefar neckband, Leads with snap - connection (2 pieces)
Optional accessories Quick charger 1.2 V, Rechargable batteries 1800mAh