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The Stryde "Running with Power"

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Stryd, the pioneering device manufacturer of wearable power meters for running, has announced a second generation power meter. Working with Olympic runners and triathletes during the 2016 Summer Games, Stryd put the finishing touches on an unprecedented product that measures the power runners produce and how efficiently they run. The new Stryd power meter for runners is a foot pod that attaches to a running shoe to measure power and efficiency.

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The Data Stryd Measures

The new Stryd model measures twelve metrics to quantify performance: power output, running technique, muscle strength and conditioning, as well as information about the environment around the runner. Data from Stryd helps runners improve their running form to run with more efficient technique. By linking power output to physiological markers like lactate threshold, runners using Stryd can set their own, personal power zones so they can train using “time in zone” methods. Live power readings help runners know exactly how hard they are working, right this moment, to make sure they are pacing their workouts and races correctly.

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Physical Details and Device Compatibility

Runners may find the new shoe clip Stryd more comfortable than Stryd’s first consumer power meter, the Stryd Pioneer, which snapped to a chest strap and doubled as a heart rate monitor. The new Stryd weights in at just 10 grams and is strengthened with carbon fiber so it can withstand runs in any weather or road conditions. The device is water resistant for 30 minutes at an underwater depth of 1 meter. The battery lasts for about a month and recharges wirelessly. Stryd is now compatible with more than 30 sport watches from leading brands like Garmin and Suunto and is compatible via apps with Android and iOS smartphones.

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New Built-In Training Plans to Improve Efficiency

Exercise physiology research demonstrates that running 10% more efficiently can cut 5k time by almost half a minute. Until now, efficiency couldn’t be measured outside the laboratory, so runners trying to improve their running economy were flying blind. Stryd changes this with its new tiny wearable power meter that clips on your shoe.

The new Stryd includes built-in training plans for a range of race distances. The new Stryd training plans have been prepared by world-class coaches and physiologists to guide runners through personalized drills and exercises to strengthen their bodies so they can maintain good form. Stryd’s live power data shows runners which specific form changes make a runner more efficient so they can go faster at the same effort.

Stryd’s New Metric: Leg Spring Stiffness

Research shows that the mechanical stiffness of a runner’s legs determines whether their running form and physical conditioning waste or conserve energy. In the lab, “leg spring stiffness” is a useful measure of efficiency. The new foot pod Stryd can measure leg spring stiffness during running and now it has been added to the many metrics Stryd uses to determine a runner’s power and efficiency. Running form drills and muscle/tendon strengthening exercises can improve leg spring stiffness and make runners more efficient and these drills and exercises are now built into the new Stryd training plans.

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Leading coaches and athletes who have used Stryd say it is revolutionizing running.

“The power meter has the potential to revolutionize running. It knows how efficient you are, how hard you train, and how well you pace yourself in a race.” ― Craig Alexander, Three-Time Ironman World Champion

“The holy grail in running has been to discover such a factor ― measuring power in running as a unit.” ― Bobby McGee, Olympic Running and Triathlon Coach

“It looks like the future has arrived, a power meter for runners will advance training methods by decades.” ― Dirk Friel, Cofounder of TrainingPeaks

Age-group athletes training with Stryd have already seen revolutionary changes to their performance.

Stryd testimonials

“I ran with Stryd at Ironman Cairns/Aus last Sunday. It helped me very much to control the pace after the 180km ride and finally pushed me up to 7th place in my age category (50-54) … Due to the nice pace controlling by Stryd, I earned the Kona slot, too. Many thanks to Stryd and the Stryd team!” — Akio Yamauchi, Triathlete

“Yesterday I ran the 2016 London Marathon…using my Stryd. It was an amazing day and I came away with a new PB [Personal Best] of 2:59:34, achieving my target of a sub-3-hour marathon. Stryd has been invaluable to me during training, especially in ensuring that my easy runs were easy enough and my harder runs were at the correct intensity.” — Chris Turner, Runner

The Stryd team’s goal is to answer three questions. “We’re working for runners who want to know why they haven’t reached their performance goals, what changes to training, form, and race-day pacing will get them there, and how to make those changes,” according to Stryd CEO, Robert Dick. “Measuring power finally makes it possible to answer those questions.”

About Stryd

Stryd was founded by Princeton-trained engineers and builds on years of academic research on ultra-low-power circuit design, wearable sensing, and machine learning. The team is headed by Li Shang, Ph.D. and former Chief Architect at Intel Embedded Systems Research Lab, and Robert Dick, Ph.D., who won the Computerworld Horizon Award for his smartphone technology.

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