ProSeries Athletic Equipment Company  manufacturers a superior line of cold therapy products. Our products are used worldwide by leading orthopedic clinics and by professional athletes, who demand the very best in their sports medicine needs.

The concept behind our product line is simple - real ice relieves best.

All ProSeries Ice Pack Systems combine real ice packs with a neoprene wrap designed to apply firm compression - for the most effective cold therapy possible. Since ice is available everywhere, the ability to effectively treat injuries at home, work or while traveling is now possible with ProSeries.

Pro Series

Pro Séries Genou, Cheville, Tibia

Use on the knee, ankle or shin for control of common muscle and joint pain and swelling from tendonitis, bursitis, sprains or strains. This item is ideal for runners suffering from shin splints or stress fractures.
Enveloppe de glace de 2002 universels (m) - genou, cheville, tibia
Pro Series

Pro Séries épaule

Use on the right or left shoulder for common problems of the rotator cuff such as tendonitis, impingement syndrome, bursitis and post surgical pain and swelling. Great for pitchers, volleyball players, tennis players and swimmers suffering from overuse injuries.
Enveloppe de glace de 2005 épaules
Pro Series

Pro Séries Tennis Elbow

Use on the elbow or wrist for common problems such as tennis / golfers elbow, carpal tunnel syndrome and other overuse injuries. Great for use immediately after tennis matches for relief from chronic tennis elbow pain and inflammation. This is one of our most popular items and should be kept in the gear bag of anyone who suffers from tennis elbow pain.
Pro Series

Pro Séries Dos

Use on low back for everyday pain from work or sports. Great for common back problems involving discs, muscle spasms and control of post-surgical pain and swelling. Mesh backing guarantees ice will stay in place. Fits up to a 46" waist, extension available for larger sizes. Can also be used for soothing heat therapy - simply add warm water.
Pro Series

Pro Séries Cheville

Provides bilateral coverage and a customized fit for injuries of the ankle. This product is ideal for treating sprained ankles, one of the most common injuries for athletes and non-athletes alike.