Questions and answers regarding the use of the StrokeStar



How much should I use StrokeStar?


- In the beginning it shall be used in only 10 percent of the trainings. Then, step by step increasing the usage of the product, after 3-4 months the 50-70 % can be achieved  (for example in a training of 4000 m the product shall be used for 2-3000 meters)


In what type of trainings shall the StrokeStar be used?


- In the first two months it shall be used for the trainings improving the swimming techniques and while swimming with medium intensity. Then, when the muscle already got used to StrokeStar then strong swimming can be started with it.


In which swimming type shall the StrokeStar be used?


- It shall be used for freestyle and backstroke. We only suggest to use StrokeStar for breathstroke and butterfly for professional swimmers, as in these techniques the usage of the product requires huge strength


How much slower will I be with StrokeStar as I am without it?


- As your technique gets better the difference gets smaller. (for example the best record of Daniel Gyurta on 100 ms breathstroke is 1:02 and 1:06 with StrokeStar, which makes a difference of 6,5%). At the beginning of the usage the most common is a difference of 17-23% (for example somebody swimming on 10X100 freestyle 1:10 will swim 1:22-1:26 with the same effort). The aim of course is to swim as fast as you can with the StrokeStar, which requires a lot of practice and patience.


Can I use StrokeStar throughout the whole year?


Yes, the difference is only in the amount of the usage. In the winter season it can used in 50-70 % of the trainings and in summer, through the competition season, the recommended usage is 10-30%. StrokeStar shall be left out of trainings before 7-10 days of big competitions and used again for 100-200 meters while warming up to get back the “water feeling”.


I wish an effective usage for everyone!