Frequently Asked Questions

Does it really work?

  • ABSOLUTELY! Most of the sweat that drips into your eyes and glasses comes down from the top of your head and forehead. The front lip of the sweatband captures that sweat and channels it away. Absorbent headbands saturate over time, so what's the point? They also trap a lot of heat.

    Is it comfortable? It's made from plastic right?

  • Don't be fooled be the PVC material. Our sweatband is the most comfortable sweatband you will ever wear. The sweatband is extremely lightweight , soft and flexible, and is so thin that it allows for much better air flow than traditional, absorbent headbands. Once you try one out, you'll understand.

    Will it leave a mark on my forehead when I take it off?

  • No, and let us explain. The tension is evenly distributed around the entire sweatband and the side that rests against your forehead is flat. There are no specific pressure points, so when you remove the sweatband, any redness will disappear in seconds.

    How is it adjustable?

  • Each sweatband comes with three different sizes of elastic closure bands and has two "hook and loop" straps. The elastic closure band allows for a snug, yet comfortable fit, then simply adjust the "hook and loop" straps on each end to set the tension.

    Does your sweatband work with a helmet?

  • Yes. Every helmet is different, but our sweatband works with most types and styles. We recommend that you position the back of the sweatband high enough to secure it within the back of the helmet locking system, then position the front of the band below the front shell.

    Will your sweatband slide around on your head?

  • It shouldn't at all. The correct tension is snug, not tight, and we like to say that it comfortably "gels" to your head. If you wear oily sunblock and over tighten the sweatband, it's possible, but we haven't had any complaints.

    Is there any difference between the blue and red logo sweatbands?

  • Nope. We just wanted to offer you a color choice.

    What's up with the vented sides?

  • The vents are a new design feature for 2006 that makes the sweatband more flexible and comfortable over your ears. Some of you are used to wearing sweatbands on top of your ears, so go for it. We like the way it looks too.

    Is your "Sweat GUTR" the same as the "Tunnel Vision Sweatband"?

  • Yes. We rebranded for 2006 and made several product improvements, but in general it's the same product.

    Is the PVC material hypoallergenic?

  • Yes. The PVC compound does not contain any silicone or rubber and will not irritate your skin.
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