Sof Sole Gel Heel Cup (Unisex)

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  • Description

Zachte Hielcup

Zowel in uw sportschoenen als dagelijks schoeisel
Lichtere belastingen, beschermt de hiel tegen schokken en ontlast de achillespees

  • 100% SofGel
  • Stabiliseert de hiel
  • Licht opgehoogd, ter ontlasting van de achillespees
  • Extra versterkte drop voor betere opvang  

    Superior Gel Comfort Insole

    • Cradled heel for added stability
    • Dual-density heel protection
  • Profile.
  • Ideal for all foot types. With extra gel heel protection, it cushions and stabilises the heel and has a tapered design for comfort fit..
  • Recommended for:
  • Flat Overpronated Foot Type.
  • Flexible foot flattens out and rolls inward.
  • Supportive arch plate and stability are recommended.
  • Insoles used to support the arch and control motion.
  • Neutral Foot Type.
  • Foot remains in neutral position.
  • Shock absorption and cushioning are recommended.
  • Insoles used to improve fit and performance.
  • High Arch Foot Type.
  • Rigid and inflexible foot type.
  • Flexible arch cushion is recommended.
  • Insoles effective in cushioning the heel and forefoot.
  • A simple way of finding out your foot type is to take the Wet Foot Test to determine what shoe shape you should look for. This is quite a simple test that can be done at home. All you have to do is wet your feet and stand on a surface that will leave a visible footprint. Your footprint should fall into one of three categories.
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