Hoe trek je aan Aquaman wetsuit aan?


Avoid a dreaded fingernail tear with this trick : “There is a little-known secret to avoiding a wetsuit tear, which starts by having it inside out,” “With the rubber on the inside, and the neoprene sponge on the outside, you’ll be able to roll the suit on.”

1. With the suit inside out, ensure that you are looking at the chest, not the back zipper, as you hold it up.

2. Lay the suit on the ground in front of you and insert your feet through each opening. Begin to tug the suit up over your lower legs, working evenly and alternatively from leg to leg.

3. Once you have the suit up and over your chest, do one arm at a time in the same manner (with it inside out). This will avoid putting undue stress on the suit and ensure that the outside rubber coating keeps from getting fingernail tears. 


Care instructions


  • Not for use in chlorinated water.
  • When you put on your wetsuit be careful not to dig your fingers and nails into the neoprene.
  • Do not allow petroleum based lubricant to come into contact with your wetsuit.
  • To dry, do not put the wetsuit in direct sunlight but in the shade or inside, and away from a heat source.
  • Do not allow your wetsuit to freeze. Store at room temperature.


  • Always use your hands as flat as possible when you pull the suit up.
  • To make the wetsuit fit perfectly, do not be afraid to pull up the sleeves and legs as much as possible.
  • You want to have the feeling that the wetsuit is too short on you, this way the minimum of water is going to seep into your suit because the neoprene is nicely tight around your wrists and ankles.
  • It is recommended to rinse your suit after each use with clear cold water, especially if the water you swim in was oily or is chlorinated.
  • Always keep your wetsuit on a plastic hanger with very wide shoulders, especially during the winter.

If you use common sense and follow these simple instructions, you will protect your Aquaman Wetsuit and will be able to enjoy it for a long time.