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The Edge


Simple to use - accurate reading in 45 seconds


The EDGE Lactate Analyser is a hand-held device that measures lactate concentration in blood.  This is the means by which athletes and coaches can accurately assess an athlete's performance. Lactate measurement in blood is far more precise than the old and inefficient method of using percentages of maximum heart rate to set training zones.


The EDGE lactate Analyser only needs 3 μl of blood from a finger tip or ear lobe to be placed on the ergonomically designed EDGE Lactate Test Strips. The test strips have a siphoning action which draws the blood in to the reaction area where the lactate concentration in blood is determined. A numeric result is then displayed on the easy to read, large LCD screen in less than 45 seconds with both date and time. 


The EDGE holds up to 300 results, together with date and time stamped. The EDGE Hand-Held Lactate Analyser can be use by coaches, trainers, sports scientists and sports medicine personnel; in training of individuals and teams at all levels of competition, by equine vets and doctors as a flexible and inexpensive tool to complement laboratory analysis. 

The Edge

The Edge Laktaat meter

  • The EDGE is een bloed lactaat Monitoring Systeem waarbij de meting gebeurt via een geavanceerde biosensor.
  • The EDGE heeft een geheugen van 300 testen met datum en uur.
  • The EDGE werkt vlug, precies en betrouwbaar en laat het uitwerken van meer efficiënte trainingsschema’s toe.  


De starterskit bestaat uit:

  • Meter
  • 3V Lithiumbatterij CR2032
  • Gebruiksaanwijzing
  • Logboek
  • Draagtas
The Edge

The Edge Laktaatstrips

  • 25 Lactaatstrips voor the Edge lactaatmeter
The Edge

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