EKF Biosen Glucose and Lactate Analyzer

Biosen analysers zijn speciaal ontwikkeld voor ziekenhuizen en labo's waar vele glucose en lactaat-metingen snel en accuraat nodig zijn.  

De Biosen glucose en lactaat analyser vergt minimaal onderhoud en gebruikt chip sensoren die een lange levensduur hebben en eenvoudig te vervangen zijn. Het apparaat is robuust en eenvoudig te gebruiken. Dankzij het touch screen met achtergrondverlichting kunnen gebruikers gemakkelijk navigeren door het meertalige menu en verschillende parameters van het systeem aanpassen.

Biosen kan tot 1000 resultaten van patiënten opslaan en verbonden worden met PC en printer. Een optionele barcodelezer is ook beschikbaar. 

Each model in the Biosen range can store up to 1,000 patient results and provides connectivity to PC and printer. An optional bar code reader is also available.

Biosen C-Line Glucose and Lactate Analysers are available in two configurations:

C-Line GP+: 5 sample positions

C-Line Clinic: 20 sample positions

Biosen C-Line GP+ meets the requirements of sites running predominantly single tests while Biosen C-Line Clinic is well suited for the analysis of sample series in small to medium size hospital laboratories, professional sports clinics, research institutes and industry.

The measurement of glucose and lactate on Biosen analysers is based on an electrochemical principle. The sample is precisely taken up by the user with a 20 µl end-to-end capillary and transferred into the EKF safe-lock cup prefilled with 1 ml of hemolysis solution.

The cup is then closed and gently shaken for mixture and hemolysis of the sample. After insertion into the analyser the sample is automatically taken up and moved to the sensor(s). 

Here the ß-D glucose / L-lactate contained in the sample, is converted enzymatically with the help of the immobilised enzyme glucose oxidase / lactate oxidase on the chip sensor. The H2O2 generated by the reaction is detected at the electrode. The amperometric signal (sensor current) is proportional to the glucose/lactate concentration in the sample. Following a short flush the system is ready for the next measurement.

The Biosen analysers are calibrated automatically with a solution of known concentration (EKF Multistandard). Efficient calibration schemes can be selected by the user.

Furthermore, EKF provides a complete range of test solutions for quality control to meet the standards of contemporary quality management. Separate quality control (QC) positions are available besides the regular sample positions for automated QC measurement and storage as QC results in the data memory (on all models except Biosen C-Line Sport).

A STAT position ensures that emergency samples can be analysed immediately at any time.

Main Features:

  • Touch Screen
  • Multilingual Display
  • Results in 20–25 seconds
  • Up to 160 results an hour
  • Measuring from whole blood, plasma and serum
  • Automatic calibration
  • High precision  CV 1.5 % at 12 mmol/l
  • Measuring range 0.5-50 mmol/L for glucose and 0.5-40 mmol/L for lactate
  • Chip-sensor life-time: glucose 7,500 tests (60 days),  lactate 6,000 tests (50 days)
  • Sample stability up to 5 days at room temperature (refrigeration recommended)
  • PC, network and printer connectivity via RS232C interfaces
  • Stores up to 1000 results
  • Barcode option available
  • Peace of mind: EKF Diagnostics is a trusted worldwide manufacturer, supplier and distributor of glucose analysers

EKF Biosen C-Line GP+ Glucose or Lactate (1 Measuring Channel)


EKF Biosen C-Line GP+ (2 Measuring Channel)


EKF Biosen C-Line Clinic Glucose or Lactate (1 Measuring Channel)


EKF Biosen C-Line Clinic (2 Measuring Channel)


EKF Biosen S-Line Lab+ Glucose or Lactate (1 Measuring Channel)


EKF Biosen S-Line Lab+ (2 Measuring Channel)


EKF Biosen Chip Sensor Glucose Type II


EKF Biosen Chip Sensor Lactate Type II


EKF Biosen Sensor Test Solution Gluc/Lact 20x1ml Tubes


EKF Biosen Linearity Test Glucose/Lactate 3 X 3 Tubes


EKF Biosen Plastic Capillaries 20µL (1000Pcs)


EKF Biosen Glucose/Lactate System Solution 1X500ml Bottle


EKF Biosen Glucose/Lactate System Solution 1X2.5L Can