About the StrokeStar…

The STROKESTAR is an arm stroke coordinator – invented and manufactured in Hungary – that is recommended for use at warm-ups for both workouts and competitions.



The hydro and aerodynamically researched and manufactured convexly designed device decreases the palm’s resistance in the water. This corrects the swimmer’s movement coordination, as well as increases the strength and endurance of the muscles involved in creating the stroke.


Using traditional hand-paddles may result in incorrect movement coordination and has unwanted side effects due to faulty or incorrect arm movement and palm position. This often results in unrealistic, false increases in speeds during training that do not translate into real speed increases in an actual race.


The StrokeStar is convex to displace water around the hand, preventing a strong catch phase. By preventing a strong catch, the swimmer is forced to focus on every part of the stroke.


To move forward while wearing any type of paddles, you will require a little extra energy and must perform correct stroke movements. Using the StrokeStar reduces resistance by up to 17%. The result - better technique, increased strength and faster swimming.


After using the StrokeStrar in training, your hands will feel the water better. While wearing the StrokeStar, it kept you from making a good catch; now you can catch and hold the water. This allows for improved tactile input as you perform your stroke.



The StrokeStar is a fundamentally new solution! 

  • Expands traditional strength development methods on dryland or in water;
  • Provides a more intense traditional strength development while equalizing any unwanted side-effects;
  • Using the StrokeStrar enhances arm-coordination and helps develop muscle groups necessary in swimming competitions.