Why and how does it work ?

What is a reflex?

A reflex requires no action on the part of the subject and is beyond his or her control.
Here are a few examples of reflexes that everybody knows:
- Pulling your hand away when you burn yourself. Closing your eyes when light is too bright. The knee-jerk reaction
- A quick tap on the tendon below the kneecap causes an extension which sparks a short and powerful involuntary contraction of the quadriceps. The leg can jerk out quite sharply as a result if the subject is sitting down. In fact, when a muscle is stretched, it will react by contracting. This is a myotatic reaction, like an elastic band that is stretched and then returns to its initial position.

This is why, when we try to stretch, we avoid doing so jerkily to avoid a myotatic reflex which would cause the muscles to contract.

The Winplate calls upon this myotatic reflex.

Put simply, the vertical vibrations call upon the joints of the subject (like the shock absorbers of a car) and cause the muscles to stretch and then contract involuntarily and powerfully as a result of this reflex action. The muscles contract and relax intensely thanks to these vibrations.
The quality of the (vertical) vibrations, their strength and frequency (30 to 40 HZ per second) are essential to bring about an effective workout, i.e. working up to 100% of the muscle fibres and not just some of them. 

Since a high percentage of the muscle is at work, the Winplate brings about better results with shorter sessions.

COMPEX WINPLATE meets all the requirements of the European Directive for medical devices, guaranteeing comfort and effectiveness.