Xlab Carbon Wing White

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Xlab, de keuze van vele wereldkampioenen (o.a. Craig Alexander en Michele Jones) is een begrip op het gebied van triathlon accessoires. 
Kenmerken :
- Bidonhouderklem met mogelijkheid tot montage van verschillende accessoires
- Exclusief ontworpen voor 7mm. zadelrails
- Gewicht : 55 gram.

Our Hydration and Repair carriers have often been copied, but like any copy, it is never as good as the original.  With over a decade of experience designing these carriers and winning more Ironman Distance World Championships than all our competitors combined, we have launched the first of the next generation of Xlab Hydration Carriers.  Already endorsed by Michelie Jones, the 2007 Ford Ironman Distance World Champion, this new ‘wing’ will be on winning race rockets for the next several years !


Characteristics :


- Xlab Carbon Wing is designed for 7mm metal saddle rails only
- Weight : 55 gr
- Tires and tubes are always an issue, so now you can attach them neatly under the Carbon Wing