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Xlab Torpedo Vestito

  • Beschrijving

Neoprene bottle & straw cover keeping yourTorpedo System 25% cooler.

The XLAB Torpedo Vestito cover will fully insulate your hydration bottle to keep liquids cool. It's made from 3mm low-friction insulating neoprene and the silver exterior reflects heat to keep liquids 25% cooler. The Vestito includes an insulated straw cover which is both easy to install and remove for bottle cleaning. With its easy intallation, the Vestito fits the XLAB Torpedo 50, 100 and 400 Hydration Systems for a custom fit. The XLAB Torpedo Vestito Insulation Cover will keep things cool when the race heats up.

Compatibility: Fits TORPEDO™ SYSTEM 50, 100 & 400

Material: Neoprene - Full 3mm low-friction smooth skin insulating neoprene

Weight: Bottle cover: 41 grams, Straw cover: 10 grams


  • Bottle cover
  • Straw cover
  • Instructions


TWO YEAR WARRANTY: Because of our engineering and testing for this product we give it a TWO YEAR LIMITED Warranty to the original owner


  • KEEP LIQUIDS COOL - Silver exterior reflects heat away keeping liquids 25% cooler
  • FULL INSULATION - Bottle is completely covered for maximum insulation
  • INSULATED STRAW COVER - Keep liquids in straw cool for instant refreshment
  • EASY INSTALLATION - Simple install and removal for bottle cleaning
  • FOLDING STRAW ABILITY - Fold straw for optimum aerodynamics
  • PREMIUM MATERIAL - Full 3mm low-friction smooth skin insulating neoprene