FB Helium Sprint Palm Holder White/Deep Sea Blue

  • Beschrijving

Ideal for shorter runs or bridging aid stations, the lightweight FuelBelt Helium Sprint Palm Holder carries 10 oz of hydration to keep you hydrated via a single ergonomic bottle that comfortably fits the shape of your hand. A padded, adjustable hand strap with a low-profile collar provides a secure fit while reducing overall weight.


  • Includes single Helium 10 oz hydration bottle
  • Ergonomic bottle shape feels comfortable in-hand
  • Ounce markers display how much fluid is left
  • Knockout window for easy adjustment of the hand strap
  • Shock Collar sits under the cap attached to the hand strap for a secure fit
  • P2 cap features softer silicone push-pull nozzle that's easier on your teeth with improved leak protection
  • Fully adjustable, padded hand strap for comfort
  • Bottle is dishwasher safe and BPA-free