Swans Open Water Seven Mirrored SmokeBlue 321

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The latest edition to the Swans range, the Open Water Seven series is available with polarised or mirrored lens.


The Open Water Seven boasts seven faces so you get excellent peripheral vision without the distortion often experienced with curved lenses.

Super soft nose bridge and 3D gaskets provide a comfortable fit making it ideal for longer swims

The thick, split silicone strap will help to ensure your goggles stay firmly in position. The clamp on the side of the goggle allows the strap to be adjusted easily and quickly, and it's unique design means it locks into place one the goggles are on your head.

Swans OWS Strap Adaptor 


  • Lens: Polycarbonate
  • Head strap: Silicone


  • Easy adjustable function
  • Mirror coated lens
  • ANTI-FOG coating
  • U.V. CUT


  • Triathlon / Open Water goggle
  • Extremely wider view
  • easy to adjust the strap.

Made in Japan