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Poolmate Plus

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The latest in swimwatches. The PoolMatePlus will keep track all of your swims, is very durable and can be connected to other devices with great ease. With NFC connectivity, meaning you can download swims to the app on an Android phone or tablet by simply touching the watch to the phone (like when using contactless payments). Don't have Android phone, no worries, it also has a pod, like the old Pro so you can download to PC or Mac too.


  • Syncs to Android device by touching
  • Downloads to PC, Mac with USB pod
  • Swim tracking in pools
  • Swim tracking in open water
  • Chrono mode for other sports
  • Over 2 year battery life (CR2025)
  • Comes with free app
  • Color: black, with the normal contrast display (black characters on light background)